Greetings, my name is Shelley, I am the visionary behind Gatheress.


Gatheress was born to conspire with flowers and trees,

to awaken and enchant the senses,

with creations that celebrate individual, unique & uncommon beauty.

Our senses are powerful allies;

they can bring us back to center and ground us in our reality. 

It is through our senses that we experience beauty.


Beauty that can remind us of who we are and why we are here,

in a tangible kind of alchemy delivered by simple human experience.


My lifetime will be an act of devotion to cultivating knowledge and understanding the wonder and magic of the natural world.  I spent years studying nature as a graduate student in Botany and now I weave these lessons together with my fascination for magic and divination. There is a tangible intimacy we can experience in the nature.  It is a place we can find solace, transformation & healing if we are willing to cultivate and tend that relationship.


Gatheress botanical perfumes & herbal creations are made with consciously sourced pure essential oils, extracts and natural botanicals. Preference is made to work with small-scale artisan distillers that create with an eye toward organics, ethical wild-crafting & sustainability.