The 2018 Gatheress Subscription Box

rooted in magic & spelled out in flowers


PLAY is an amuse bouche

of aromatic surprise & ambrosial delight delivered to your doorstep.

PLAY is unscripted & unplanned

it is an adventure in wonder, whimsy & serendipity.


“Wonder is the heaviest element on the periodic table. Even a tiny fleck of it stops time.” 

― Diane Ackerman


Play lets more magic in...

because the world can be a serious place

that requires serious (and sometimes not so serious) magic

because PLAY supports exploration and experimentation

because PLAY is the key to new possibilities.


$55.00 USD/month for 13 months December 2017 - December 2018


December 2017 - "Cosmic Pancake"

The first collection of 13

conjured to support those leaping head first into initiations of all sorts

for do overs, new beginnings & new chapters

for those simply standing at the edge of the rabbit hole ready to leap.

Breakfast is the initiation of the new day

nourishing you for the day ahead.

Pancakes ensure there will be a little sweetness

no matter what else comes your way.

Cosmic Pancakes do that one hundred times. plus one,

just for good measure.