Note on Greeting Boxes.

Greetings Fellow Magicians,

I would like to invite you to take an opportunity to quietly receive and greet the items in the collection, specifically the botanical perfume oil.  I encourage you to follow this process with each of the boxes as they arrive.

To greet the collection you will want to wait until you have a moment of quiet time to open the box and experience the contents.  I find that by formalizing this process it helps you to form a connection that allows for the scent to become a sacred tool that can bring you back into your center and also connect you with something deeper. 

The connections you make on your own in these moments are much more profound than any notes I send about the work of creating these blends. It is my hope that you can forge a connection to each of the Seven Magicians without reading a word that I have written.  Our senses gather so much information and the tangible experience of the materia are enough for you to learn a great deal about each of the plants I will introduce you to as part of this experience.


Begin by taking a few deep breaths before and after opening the box.  

Once you feel totally present begin to open the box and explore the contents.

In this box there are five items:

9 ml Ocotillo * The Wild Heart of Rooted Fire * Botanical Perfume Blend

Ocotillo * The Wild Heart of Rooted Fire * Beeswax Candle 

15 ml Ocotillo Flower Essence 

30 ml Ocotillo Elixir 1 oz

1 small vial with flower & thorn from Ocotillo

The welcoming process below can be done for each item in the box.  It was originally written as instruction for greeting a scent talisman so I talk about the scent but for the other items taste or touch may be the sense that you work with.  When greeting the flower essence and elixir a single drop on the tongue is recommended.  


Open the bottle and inhale the fragrance from the bottle, but wait a moment before applying it.  

Note any first thoughts or impressions you have.  

(I like to keep my journal handy to write down my thoughts and first impressions.  This journal has become an indispensable part of my work with plant medicines and aromatics.)

Do you have an initial emotional reaction?

Do you notice any physical sensations?

Are these sensations located in any particular place in your body? 

Inhale one more time from the bottle.

Close your eyes and just experience it.

Do any words or images come to mind?  

Hold the bottle in your left hand and cover it with your right.  

Think about your impressions and experiences you have had as you welcomed the scent talisman.

Sit with these ideas for a few moments and then breathe or blow onto the bottle three times.

Envision all these ideas and feelings flowing into the bottle with your breath.

Open the bottle and apply to the pulse point on your wrist.

Allow it to blend with your skin for about a minute and then hold your hands in front of your face and inhale the scent again. 

Envision all the wisdom that Ocotillo embodies becoming one with your cellular matrix.

Repeat and modify as you please for the other items in the collection


Please let me know if you have any questions.

Sending you blessings from the desert’s edge.