Greetings & Welcome to Seven Magicians

I am so grateful to be able to introduce a few of my dear desert friends to you.  Last year, when I moved to the edge of the desert, I knew I wanted to share some of the good magicians found here.

I would like to begin by introducing you to my friend 


Bursera microphylla, sometimes called Elephant Tree or Torotoe in Spanish.  There is a stand of these trees that I visited for many years, I would take my prayers to these trees and tie brightly colored ribbons to the branches so the winds could carry them on to the places where prayers go.  I can not remember why they became the prayer trees but when I wonder about it know I think it has something to do with their softness and receptivity. Something in their habit reminds me of the soft and fluid way that water ripples, conductive and confident. 

This watery quality is echoed in their dense fleshy trunks that store water.  The smaller branches are soft and pliable but my favorite feature of this plant has to be the delicate bright green leaves that emit a delightful fragrance. In the dry hot craggy rocks of the desert this plant is an oasis.  

When I feel into the energetics of this plant medicine, Elephant Tree is refreshing, like a dip in a cool stream on a hot Summer afternoon. Although some might consider this a cleansing energy, it feels different to me, deeper, more quenching and energizing. Deeper in the way that you feel connected to the current and the flow of the water, connected to the way it moves and ripples.  

I think of Bursera medicine as something that enhances the flow of electricity via hydration.

In this package I have offered a handful of ways to interact with and connect with Bursera. 

There is a hydrosol that I work with as a refreshing mist when I have depleted energy.  I also like misting my pillow at bedtime to enhance my connection with my dreams. 

I work with the flower essence in a similar way, by taking a drop or three, or adding drops to my drinking water.

There is an oil infusion created by infusing the fresh branches in Jojoba oil.  I originally wanted to use it as the base oil for Listen but reconsidered because I wanted to allow for working with the oil without interference from other ingredients. The scent is subtle and ephemeral.

I included a few small twigs and leaves in a jar.  If you feel called, add them to something in need of amplification or conductivity. I sometime carry vials like this as charms or sometimes tuck them under my pillow.  

The other surprise Bursura item is an original encaustic painting. A branch bent into a circular form and bound with red thread and embedded in a Beeswax and Damar Resin. The color is oil pastel that was layered on and melted into the surface and then enhanced with 24 karat gold leaf. This is an image that came to me in dreamtime, a request made by the spirit of the plant wanting to offer an altar/sanctuary space for restoration and revival.  

The last two items were conjured up via divination to facilitate introductions. LISTEN with Spirited Eyes botanical perfume oil and incense blend Opopanax, Labdanum, Cacao, & Mugwort with a few other botanicals to enhance communion and communication with the plant spirits.

I hope you enjoy getting to know Bursera.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Sending you blessings from the desert’s edge.