Greetings Fellow Magicians,

Your third box for Seven Magicians should be arriving anytime now

as a matter of fact… it may already be in your hands.

In this box there are five items:

  • 9 ml RainDance Perfume Blend

  • 4 oz RainDance Beeswax Candle in Apothecary Glass

  • 15 ml Chaparral Flower Essence 

  • 1 oz Chaparral Salve

  • 5 ml Chaparral Tincture

As you may have guessed from the labels; this month I would like to introduce you to my friend Chaparral.  

Chaparral goes by many other names including Creosote, greasewood, gobernadora & the botanical name is Larrea tridentata.  


Chaparral is one of the most abundant plants of the Sonoran desert lowlands.  It is the plant that gives us that characteristic desert scent, especially in the Summer monsoon season.  The plants will form large clonal colonies that are incredibly efficient at gathering what little precipitation falls in their native habitat.

In the rainy season the leaves have a thick sticky coat of resin that prevents evaporation. This is the season I prefer to gather creosote, when the fleshy leaves are deep green and covered with resin.  As you might imagine, the rains are unpredictable in the desert and so it took a while longer than planned to get this box to you.  I needed to wait until the plants were just right and then I had to wait for everything to brew.  

Chaparral is on of my go to desert medicine to clear & dissipate stagnant energy.  It does this through a curious mechanism, more like dilution or dispersion than outright elimination.  For this reason I like it for those time where things are hard but when the situation is likely not to go away quickly or easily.  The times where shouldering things on my own is too much and I can use support.  

I think of it like praying for rain, when you need it & when you know it is on the way.

For example, I have been burning this candle on my Ancestor shrine when I have been going to them for help for an ailing family member who’s dementia is worsening.  It is a situation that is feels like too much for most of my family and there is no easy fix.  I subtitled this blend and collection “energetic re-distribution network” think of it as a kind of like a safety net.

Chaparral has taught me that we are all better when we support one and other and share our burdens, our joys & our resources.  

The other interesting note I want to share about Chaparral is that in many of the Native cultures that work with this medicine it is seen as a bit of a panacea; used for all variety of aliments from cuts and scraps to cancer and STDs.


The RainDance Botanical Perfume is a remix of an OG (Original Gatheress) blend of the same name.  The base is Chaparral infused Jojoba Oil with a blend of lemon, Orange, Bergamot, Ylang-Ylang and Cedar essential oils.  I wear this oil as a reminder that help is on the way.  The rains do come, even when the drought is hard and long.  I also wear it when I want to tap into the energy and wildness of the Desert Monsoon.  That petrichor note is my very favorite and it will forever fill my heart.

The candle was poured with Beeswax, Chaparral infused Olive Oil and the RainDance Botanical Perfume Oil.  I sprinkled a bit of dried Chaparral, a quartz point and just a touch of gold mica with green glitter.  As mentioned earlier, this candle has become my “I need help” candle for hard and slow to resolve problems.

The flower essence was collected from a plant in the wild part of my backyard.  This is the essence I work with when I need some back up and when doing it alone feels too hard.  It helps me to tap into my deeper resources so I can stand tall and confident knowing that ‘my team’ has my back even when I really want to hide in the corner.

The Herbal Salve was created from Chaparral infused Olive Oil and Beeswax. This salve is a healing ointment that is my go to for applying to bug bites, cuts and scraps.  Chaparral has antibacterial properties that help to reduce the possibility for infection and the emollient quality of the salve help to keep the skin noise so it can heal.  I also love using this as a balm for my feet, especially when my heels get dry and cracked from a Summer of wearing sandals.

The Chaparral tincture was made with fresh plant material infused in Vodka.  This gives the truest capture of this plants aromatics and I wanted to be sure to include a bit for you to experience.  It is potent stuff and a little goes a long way, hence the tiny bottle. I sometimes layer this with the Raindance oil to amp up that petrichor note.  I also dab it on my skin when I feel the tingle of a fever blister coming on.  If I get it in time, I almost never get a break out.  The tincture is also an excellent materia for anointing sigils and other objects you would like to imbibe with a little extra oomph. 

I hope you enjoy getting to know Chaparral.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

The next package will be headed your way the second week of October. It has come to my attention that my email messages and notes about each package have not made it to everyone so next month they will be included in the boxes again. Just incase you missed something I set up this “blog” on my webpage with the notes (  I may sprinkle in a couple updates here as I prep the next box as a little experiment.  

Sending you blessings from the desert’s edge.