The Year of Evolving Perfume Talismans


Every person I have ever met is one of a kind, no two are alike, not ever, even for a moment. There are infinite incarnations & variations. Not only are you a totally UNIQUE individual, you will also change over time.

          The shifts may be seismic or subtle but change is the only constant of life.

You are not the same person you were a year ago. You are shaped by your experiences, by life, by love... You may find that your tastes and preferences shift with the seasons. On occasion life will initiate you into a new phase and then sometimes life just requires an extra dose of magic. In creating custom work for others, and even in my own life, I am finding that I want to create space for this kind of evolution & alchemy. 

This is an opportunity to shape shift & call in just the right aromatic magic over time.  

     Unique ~ because magic is not one size fits all.

     Unique ~ so that you can call in what you need as you need it.

     Unique ~ to create living breathing magic.


          Unique is 13 months of aromatic magic for 13 wondrous folks. 

                    { This page will disappear once all the slots are filled }


Single payment of $1111.00 USD


11 payments of $101.00 USD

The way UNIQUE works will vary for each participant but everyone will receive:

  • 13 conversations including and optional monthly divination
  • 13 UNIQUE perfume talismans
  • 13 monthly packages of aromatic & magical goodness (unless we agree to another delivery schedule)
    • each package will include samples and tastes of what is being conjured in the Gatheress apothecary.

Once you place your order we will begin a discussion around your preferences and the direction you would like to take your UNIQUE adventure.  

I have a wonderful collection of precious botanical, essential oils & natural aromatics from around the world that will be used in your bespoke creations. On occasion we may need to order up something special to create a talisman or a blend might take a bit of extra time to conjure so we can astro-dynamically calibrate everything. 


As always, Gatheress botanical perfumes & herbal creations are made with consciously sourced pure essential oils, extracts and natural botanicals. Preference is made to work with small-scale artisan distillers that create with an eye toward organics, ethical wild-crafting, beauty & sustainability.